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Arthur Leigh Allen

Arthur Leigh Allen

Allen is the most popular suspect in the case --most likely due to the publicity given him from two true crime novels. "Zodiac" and "Zodiac Unmasked" detail the evidence and logic pointing author Robert Graysmith's suspect. The novels were eventually adapted to the big screen in David Fincher's 2007 film "Zodiac".

Arthur Leigh Allen, known as "Leigh" to his aquaintances, was a convicted child molester from Vallejo, California. Allen owned a watch made by the Zodiac company, which, along with several other strange coincidences, is one of the pieces of circumstantial evidence that point to Allen being the Zodiac. You see, the watch was branded with a logo almost identical to the one that the Zodiac Liller used to sign his taunting letters.

An aquaintance of Allen's reported his own suspicions about his friend to the Manhattan Beach police in July of 1971. The Manhattan Beach Police Department, located in south Los Angeles County, sent the report to the San Francisco police Department.

Allen was later questioned. Allen stated that bloody knives found in his car the night of the Lake Berryessa attacks had been used to kill chickens. He volunteered this informationeven though the investigators had not even asked him about the knives at that point.

Allen was also asked if he had read "The Most Dangerous Game," a short story by Richard Connell adapted into a movie by the same name. The story had been alluded to in one of the ciphers authored by the Zodiac Killer. Allen stated that he had indeed read the story, and that it had made an impression on him.

Police had enough evidence against Allen for police to issue three search warrants. The warrants were served September, 14 1972, February 14, 1991, and August 28, 1992. The final search warrant was executed only two days after Allen passed away.

Allen received his fair share of media attention; a fact that was not lost on many who believe that attention was something he sought. Allen denied his guilt in media interviews, at one point heatedly stating "I am not the damned Zodiac."

Police found weapons and explosives in Allen's basement in 1991. Despite his status as a felon, he was not charged. Police could find no evidence linking Allen to the Zodiac murders.

Allen's fingerprints, DNA, and handwriting did not match to any evidence recovered from the Zodiac crimes.

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