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Jack Tarrance

Jack Tarrance became a suspect when his stepson, Dennis Kaufman was watching a television profile of the Zodiac Case. Kaufman found many similarities between the Zodiac killer and Jack Tarrance. Tarrance also looked strikingly similar to the composite sketches of the Zodiac Killer. Dennis Kaufman also claims his stepfather confessed to being the Zodiac in a taped conversation in which Kaufman asks Tarrance if he is the Zodiac. The interpretation of Tarrance's response seems highly subjective to critics of Kaufman's claims.

Tarrance's handwriting, while not an absolute match, does look very much like that of the Zodiac killer. The most notable difference in the two exemplars is the formation of the lower-cased letter "a."

Kaufman's own personality and his less than professional presentation skills have made him the subject of much criticism in the Zodiac research community. This has affected his credibility among his peers, as well. Still, Jack Tarrance remains a subject of interest in the media. As of this writing, a motion picture is currently in the works.

Dennis Kaufman has gathered his evidence pointing to Jack Tarrance on his website. The site contains photographs, audio, and other documents pointing to Jack Tarrance as suspect. Kaufman has also authored a book, though it appears to be out of print.

Dennis Kaufman's website: http://therealzodiackiller.com/

Dennis Kaufman has been proven to be a liar and a fraud. You can see the proof and engage in discussion of this case, here.

Nanette Barto, Kaufman's pro bono "handwriting expert," was also caught lying on national television about the results of FBI handwriting examinations. She told Aphrodite Jones on Investigation Discovery's True Crime that the FBI ruled that handwriting of the Zodiac belonged to Jack Tarrance. The truth was, at the time the episode was taped, the results were'nt even in. The FBI eventually concluded that the results were "inconclusive." This does not indicate a match of any sort. A spokesman for the FBI stated that no such claims of a match had originated from their office.

In 2010, Dennis Kaufman was caught advertising as a private investigator in California, even though he has no license and has never solved a case of any sort. It is illegal for an unlicensed person to offer services as a private investigator in the state of California.

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